Bulletproof Stockings

Last night I had the awesome privilege of playing guitar with the super cool post-punk alt-country Hasidic girl group Bulletproof Stockings. You should definitely check them out online, but to be honest, as with any rock group (I think), the recordings don’t do justice to seeing them live.

Bulletproof Stockings "Frigid City" Single CoverBulletproof Stockings is made up of singer/songwriter Perl Wolfe, drummer Daliah Shusterman, and an assortment of other frum female musicians depending on the gig. They’re new, but they’re killer. Perl is a powerhouse frontwoman with a voice that takes no prisoners. Daliah is a passionate drummer with the chops to match. It was great to round out the trio last night and put on a high-energy show for the women of Crown Heights. 

Alan and I have been in Crown Heights for just over a year, and it’s been incredible to see what’s under the surface in this community. There’s talent all over, from men and women alike. You know that in any neighborhood there’s going to be more than meets the eye, but living here - now - has been a ridiculously rewarding experience. More to come, I’m sure.